Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fw: please let Tancredo know; I did

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end this on and email him to stop, I did!
Take Action before it is too Late
Stop Tom Tancredo from Destroying Republican Candidates

Dear Fellow Republicans:
I am sure that all of you have been following the news relating to our Governor's race.  Scott McInnis and Dan Maes have qualified for the primary ballot and in a few weeks, we will know who our candidate will be.   The Media have launched a coordinated personal attack to tear down our candidates in the hopes of delivering the election to Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper.
Now, Tom Tancredo, has joined the fray issuing his ultimatum that unless Dan and Scott agree by Monday noon to withdraw after the primary from the Governor's race, he will run for Governor on the American Constitution Party ticket thus destroying any chance that we may have to defeat John Hickenlooper.
Tom had the opportunity to present himself to the voters and participate in the Republican Party caucus process.  He chose not to do so.  For him to threaten our two candidates who have participated in the Republican caucuses and the Republican State Assembly to earn your votes to now seek to overturn the determination of the Republican Party in unseemly and inappropriate.
Tom has designated himself as the sole vote counter echoing the liberal media establishment that neither Scott McInnis nor Dan Maes can win.  The people of Colorado say otherwise.  In a poll conducted on Thursday July 15th in the heat of the plagiarism story and a day after the Denver Post savagely attacked Scott McInnis and demanded that he withdraw, a Rasmussen Poll put Scott McInnis at 43% down only two points to Hickenlooper and well within the margin of error.  Dan Maes similarly was down only 3 points.  At the worst, with the media focused on tearing down Scott McInnis and Dan Maes, we are in a dead heat.
What Tom Tancredo is doing now and will continue to do if he enters the race as a third party candidate is to focus the attention on himself and his issues.  He will focus on whether Barak Obama is a threat to the United States.  He will focus on whether Barak Obama should be impeached.  He will focus on illegal immigration, a federal issue, and while very important, will leave the real story untold as how the Democrats have led this State over the last 4 to 6 years to financial ruin and will continue to do so under John Hickenlooper.   
Yes, he will "send a message."  Friends...I am tired of sending messages while Democrats in power change Colorado and our way of life.  We need to win, not send messages. 
The citizens of Colorado need to unify behind the Republican Party candidate for Governor, whoever that may be, to restore a vibrant Colorado economy, job growth and cost-effective government spending, reversing the reckless tax and spend policies of a Democratic Governor and legislature. 
Tom Tancredo's ultimatum is the sure prescription to divide the Republican Party and the citizens of Colorado when unity is needed.  Whether it is Scott McInnis or Dan Maes, either candidate will provide leadership and sign and veto legislation better than John Hickenlooper
We value the patriotism and contribution to the debate that Tom has brought over the years.  But I would ask you to follow the wisdom of Tom Tancredo in his Open Letter to Colorado 9-12 activists and Tea Party Patriots.  Tom Tancredo says:

"Some patriots are tempted to launch a third political party or back one of the existing small parties that never attract more than one or two percent of the vote in state races. I strongly believe that such a course is suicidal and would only result in splitting the conservative vote and guaranteeing the re-election of liberals and socialists." ...  and
"Throughout our nation's history, third parties have never succeeded in taking power and running the government. They have sometimes succeeded in pushing a major party in a new direction, but just as often, they succeeded only in electing the more liberal candidate after many conservatives waste their votes on a third party candidate. Remember 1992?  Ross Perot never had a chance to be president, but he did help elect Bill Clinton."

Tom Tancredo doesn't have a chance to be Governor, but if he proceeds, he will elect the liberal John Hickenlooper and drag down our State and hard working Republican candidates up and down the ticket.


 There is still time.  I respect Tom and his service to our country and can't believe that if he focused on the harm he is creating, he would continue on his course. 
Email Tom at and ask him to stand down from this destructive path.  Ask him to remember what he said last December and not destroy our only opportunity to elect Republican candidates.
We have until Monday at noon.  You can make a difference.  Do it now!

Dave Kerber

Chairman, Arapahoe County Republican Party                                                                         

Monday, July 12, 2010


 We got the sheep to the mountains and had a campaign meeting and family cookout on July 2nd. On July 3rd I was in the parade in Pagosa while family and friends covered for me at Bayfield. On the 4th I was in the parade at Silverton and attended church their and then we all were in the Durango parade that evening. We had a lot of fun and there were a lot of thumbs up for our theme of "limited government, more freedom, and more jobs". I attended the Club 20 social at the Durango Discovery Museum on the 7th. The rest of my time has been spent putting out signs and campaining everywhere I go. I think the campaign is going very well and we are getting a very positive response. I'll keep you posted. J.Paul