Thursday, February 27, 2014


Del, This is a shot at another newsletter. As always, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. I hope your family is doing well. Is there any day of the week that is best for you for this newsletter? Thanks so much! J.Paul
Hello all,
    We are working hard at being at as many functions, meeting as many people, and learning as much as we can so that I will be an effective representative of the 59th Colorado House District. Don't forget to go to your Precinct Caucus meeting on March 4th. Please volunteer to be elected to go to your County Assembly. At your County Assembly, please sign up to be elected to be a delegate to the 59th House District Assembly which will be at the Durango Recreation Center at 2pm on April 5th. I need your support to be nominated to be on the ballot. Also, I need your financial support. Send checks to: the Committee to Elect J.Paul Brown, Box 178, Ignacio, Co. 81137. Most importantly, Debbie and I need your prayers! Thanks to all of you! J.Paul
  I attended the Chamber Talk sponsored by the Durango Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Carver's Brewing Company. The discussion for the morning was the availability of dependable labor in the Durango area. Although there are some very good and highly motivated employees in the area, it is evident that finding adequate numbers of good help in the La Plata County labor market is a problem. Business owners relayed stories of new hires that don't show up to work when they are scheduled and don't even have the courtesy to call to let the boss know, but they still want a pay check. Many other stories of incompetency were told and the frustration by entrepreneurs was evident.
    My comments were, why should anyone be motivated to work? They can get food stamps, free housing, free health care, and no telling what other benefits, so why work? All of us at one time or another have needed help and I believe that we should be compassionate to those that are really in need, but it should not become a way of life. Almost anyone can do something that is useful. I believe that some kind of work should be required of recipients of government programs. This would help to encourage folks to get a job and it would help their self esteem, because they would feel good about paying their own way. Judging from the nods of many present at the Chamber Talk, there are many that agree with me.
     When the Colorado legislature passes a bill, the Governor signs it, and it becomes law, it is the law. The only way to change that law is to go back to the legislature to amend the law and get the Governor's signature again. This procedure is set in the U.S. Constitution as well as Colorado's Constitution. The process is the same for United States laws. The Affordable Care Act was passed and signed into law on Christmas eve, 2009. It has been reported that since that time, President Obama unilaterally has changed the law 27 times. This is totally unconstitutional! The only constitutional way to change the law is to go back to Congress for those changes. There are other examples of President Obama changing laws without going through Congress, such as when he lessened requirements of the Welfare Reform Act passed during the Clinton Administration. 
    President Obama has threatened on many occasions that if congress did not pass certain bills, he would proceed on his own. This is outrageous behavior for a President of the United States! This should not be a partisan issue. He is setting a precedent for future Presidents, either Democrat or Republican, that must not be tolerated. Our President is the most lawless President that this Country has ever known! He must be disciplined! He must adhere to the Constitution, or the future of our Country is doomed! We can not tolerate this behavior!
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for your support! J.Paul
J. Paul Brown
PO Box 178
Ignacio, CO  81137