Wednesday, January 26, 2011

License plates for Trout Unlimited

Today in the House Transportation Committee we heard HB11-1034 which allowed for a special Colorado license plate for Trout Unlimited for the purpose of fund raising. On the surface you would think this would be a good thing, but my problem with the bill is it uses the State to raise money for a group that I may not always agree with. I'm all for protecting fisheries, but I don't want my State raising money for a group that would lobby against my property rights or that might lobby for policies that will raise my utility rates or no telling what else. I also am concerned about the precedence that it sets for every other lobbying group in the State. The problem was that some of the Republicans had made some promises to support the bill and it was hard for them to back out on their word. After some amendments and some hard questioning we finally referred the bill to the Agriculture Committee where I hope we can kill it. Stay tuned!

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