Monday, September 13, 2010

Club 20 Debate

I felt real good about the debate in Grand Junction on Saturday. We discovered some very interesting beliefs of my opponent:
     He favors the Cap and Trade Bill known as the Cap and Tax bill which will significantly raise prices to consumers on electricity, gasoline, and other energy needs. It will also raise transportation costs so food prices and everything else will go up. I oppose this bill!
     He favors Obamacare which will destroy our health care system, will cost Colorado $1B, will create a monstrous new federal bureaucracy, and will ultimately result in the rationing of health care among many other problems. I oppose Obamacare!
      He favors the misnamed Clean Water Restoration Act which will allow the federal government to come on private property any time they want. I oppose this bill!
He is a liberal Democrat that is trying to run as a conservative and he has a lot of money, more than 70% which comes from outside Colorado (let's show the Democrats that they can't buy this election).
We are in the home stretch! Please do all you can to help me and other conservatives take back Colorado and our Nation. Thanks, J.Paul

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