Monday, September 20, 2010

Negative campaign

If you hear things about me that make you think "I just can't believe that about J Paul!" please check the source.

And if you see accounts that I've said something that makes you say, "That's not like J Paul," you're probably right.

Campaigns are no longer in the hands of candidates. Campaign finance law, primarily the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Act, has moved election campaigns into the hands of anyone with money. Organizations called 527s, for the clause of the tax code that governs their activities, are free to accept and spend unlimited money for political campaigns.

While candidates and their campaigns are strictly limited, 527s are allowed to say just about anything without revealing who they are, without the sanction of good manners, and without having to prove the truth of their assertions. All they have to do is state the name of the organization presenting the advertisement.

It can take years to track down the location of a 527 and even longer to discover the identities of its donors, but the damage has done, the election is long over.

So if you have questions about my campaign for House District 59 State Representative, please call me at 759-4157 or e mail or check

I am accountable, and I want to visit with you.

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